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Spreadable Cheese

Cheddar cheese, milk protein, milk powder, vegetable oil, emulsifying salt (E339, E452), salt. 50% vegetable oil, 50% animal fat. Keep at temperature between +4oC and +10oC. Country of Origin: Turkey..
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Processed Cheese Ingrendients:Milk protein, milk powder, vegetable fatemulsitying salt (E339, E452) salt. Vegetable Fat %50 / Animal Fat %50Store Between (+4 Co/ +10 Co).Keep in refrigerator after opening...
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Processed Cheese Ingrendients:Cheddar cheese,milk protein, milk powder,vegetable fat emulsitying salt (E339, E452)salt. Vegetable Fat %50 / Animal Fat %50 Store Between (+4 Co/ +10 Co) Keep in refrigerator after opening...
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